An unbroken chain going back to Prophet Abraham

An unbroken chain going back to Prophet Abraham. Societies change and people’s hearts change but worship of God stays the same. “The forms of Islam, because they are unchanged since the time of their formulation, puts us back in an ancient space where we are aware of the rising and the setting of the sun, the seasons, the moon, [all of] which have an impact on us, and will reconnect us to a kind of [primordial] environment. And I think a lot of Muslims have that experience, say when they go to the mosque for fajr, and when they go in, it’s dark, when they come out, there’s a bit of light, and they feel ‘I have participated in this amazing fact of the beginning of a new day.’ In some way that may be very difficult to articulate, but there’s a certain peace and serenity that is voiced in the tasleem at the end of the prayer, which indicates that through the prayer, which is our fundamental act, we are re-integrated into the fundamental cycles of life in the cosmos, which shaped the cultic, as well as the practical lives of our ancestors.”